Kelaonar Baenath

Drow Ranger


-Never back down from a challenge.
-For the good of the drow.


Kelaonar Baenath
Legendary Guardian, Blessed by the Dragons

     I can still remember that day; the sky was clear, the sun’s light radiating throughout the lands. The air was fresh; the breeze plentiful. It was a triumphant day for the Elves, one of our proudest since we first civilized these lands. Every scientist in our realm was on duty that day. The streets were swarmed with Elves. They poured out of their houses into a great mass, waiting for the council’s announcement. It was the day the war would change forever; it was the day the world would change forever.
     I’ll never forget that feeling; the excitement, the rush of emotions, the longing for that day. We had been at war for decades. Our armies were declining, our morale was decaying. We lost an unforgivable amount of Elves, and even more land. We had been losing the war since it began, and we knew it.
     It was then, that the Orc was born. It was the might of our people, the result of our greatest minds and wizards. We had succeeded in our plan, and the Dwarves were pushed back to our initial borders within months. Elves rejoiced, and our leaders announced victory. The Dwarves’ successes had come to an end, and we were now the power to be feared.
But as quickly as the Orcs saved us, they defied us. Something went wrong; the Orcs suddenly became aware of their own monstrous power. In what seemed like a single moment of time we had won the battle, but we had lost the war.
-Drisdhan Baenath

     In truth, I do not blame my forefathers for the birthing of the Orc. It was the answer to our silent prayers; the weapon which would yield twice the power of any before it. In theory it was perfect; no longer would our brethren would be slain, no more Elven blood to be shed. To this day, we know not of what brought about the Orcs’ defiance. The Orc was a dog, and we its master. The Orc was birthed for one purpose alone; to slaughter our enemies.
     An outside influence was at play with the Orc. Someone, or perhaps something, taught them resistance to our command, turning them from us. It was not long until our hold over the Orc broke. The beasts tore free from our chains, and ravaged our people.
     I am Kelaonar Baenath, son of Drisdhan Baenath. Born in the Underdark, I have learned more of the darkness than of the light. More Orc blood has been shed by my bow than any before it. I am sworn to an oath of revenge; an oath that I will spare no cost to fulfill. The reign of Orc will come to end, the tyranny of their hand shall cease. The Drow shall conquer once more.

Kelaonar Baenath

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