Days of Wonder

The Great Ambush

It was early in the day and the Wolfpack already had a problem to solve. Having just visited Mr. Houndstooth and procured a pair of ’port keys from the powerful Tiefling, it was up to the group to find a way to get one of these valuable items to the island base without being seen.

The first of the ’port keys was securely placed deep within the catacombs, while Fflamdwynn was able to use his talents of invisibility in order to get the second one to the island base.

The Wolfpack had been informed of a caravan of fireworks that was to be imported into Waitingi that late morning — and that the the nefarious River Rats were laying in wait for it. Having their own plans for the fireworks, the team decided to ambush the ambush. The team travelled a couple of hours out of Waitingi to where the presumed ambush was to occur and waited.

The Wolfpack almost seemed to bite off more than they could chew as the caravan came into view and the ambush commenced. The Halfling River Rats didn’t seem to put up much of a fight against the rather large Half-Orc armada; it was only after the interference from the Wolfpack that things started to get out of hand.

The fireworks were being transported in a colossal wagon being pulled along by an Orc-Elephant, a creature equally as massive. By the time the Wolfpack snuck into the fray, the gigantic beast had been let loose on a blind rampage across the battlefield, a clear and present danger to everyone.

The beast needed to be neutralized if the ambush was to be a success. Taking note of the giant cobwebs throughout the forest, both Fflamdwynn and Kelanor attempted to lure the Orc-Elephant into the naturally-occurring traps — to disastrous results. Things weren’t looking great until Deadrin lept in, stunning the monstrosity with a single, thunderous blow from his warhammer.

With the monster incapacitated, the quartet focused upon the primary task at hand : that of strong-arming the shipment of fireworks away from the Waitingi Guard AND the River Rats. The battle raged on, culminating in a tense stand-off, INSIDE the wagon no less, between an Orc, a River Rat, and the Wolfpack.

With both sides efficiently slaughtered, Kelanor made haste for the island base, looking to retrieve the port key so that the gang would be able to teleport the fireworks directly into their secret alcove within the catacombs. Meanwhile, the rest of the Wolfpack busied themselves at the scene of the ambush, removing any and all traces of their involvement. In the end, it looked like nothing more than a River Rat ambush gone terribly wrong.

Hours passed, and Kelanor returned, successful in inconspicuously retrieving the port key. The Wolfpack ‘ported the entire shipment of fireworks into the catacombs, at which time a sinister idea arose in Kelanor’s mind : the catacombs were situated directly underneath the museum, the very building that housed the Treaty of Waitingi, and an integral stop on the Waitingi Parade.

-Samson X



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