Days of Wonder

An Evening with Kelaonar

I mounted the hippogryph. Buckbeak swooped down, as I called out to Samson. Buckbeak neared the wall, and Samson leaped onto the beast. I whispered in its ear and told it to grab our dying friend. The huge claws wrapped around Daedrin as we soared into the air and took off without another glance. I knew the bird carried too much weight, so once we were out of sight I jumped off, levitating to the ground. Within moments, I saw a flash of green behind me and a mad gnome following it, through a window on the back of the castle. Buckbeak must have seen it too, as he was in the air in moments. The great bird flew and grabbed Fflam, saving him from a hundred foot fall. The gnome had it, he had the chest. How he accomplished this, I’ll never know.

We made our way south with due haste. Daedrin was dead and we had no time to spare. The closest of my kind were a mere week travel time from Waitangi. To the south we went, where we would find a Drow outpost of the name Arakar. Luckily, no trouble found us on our way south, despite the countless Orc that would be sent after us.

We arrived in the Underdark, tired and weary. Still we ventured forth, as we were not going to let our friend fall just yet. After miles of travel, we found a window. Samson was first to investigate, with Fflam staying far behind. I had a bad feeling about the window, and advised we move forward around the bend. But before Samson could react, and set of hands pulled him through the window and all I could hear were blades being unsheathed. I ran towards the window and leapt through, only to find several Drow with Samson pinned down. After a bit of negotiating and trying to explain our situation, they let Samson free. They took Buckbeak to the stables, and warned us not to go around the bend, as there were horrors only known to the Underdark there.

We soon found a cleric, but he was of no use. His price alone was too much, but he refused to risk his reputation among the Drow by reviving a Dwarf. Disappointed and distraught, we went to the inn, seeking refuge for a few days. As we sat down, a Drow woman approached us. Her name was Yorana, and she made us a proposition: if we stole three scrolls from the outpost vault, she would revive our friend. We bargained her to revive Daedrin before we completed this task, as we would need his Dwarven skills in the vault.

With Daedrin back alive, we took our new mission head on. We stepped into the vault, to be greeted by a keeper. He asked us of our business, and we told him we’d need to deposit some papers. We hoped to get a tour of the place, but that hope was quickly drowned as he explained no one was to see the vault except the keepers like himself. He explained the safeties of the vault, the item teleportation, sentry guards, etc. We observed as much as we could in the time we had, noticing a few guards patrolling the vault floor as well as one on the ceiling. There were three keepers that we noticed. Each of which could teleport any item into the safe house and out of our reach. We made agreements to return to the vault within the hour, as the cost of our deposit was surprising and we hadn’t such funds on our persons at this time.

As we left the vault we spoke of what we had saw, and we plotted. Daedrin had a horrifically effective plan that involved the port key we still had from Argyle. We re-entered the vault and the keeper led us into his office. We explained we wanted an item deposited and showed him the stone. He grabbed it, and thus disappeared into the rock of Waitangi. We opened the office door and yelled that the keeper had just disappeared with our money, and another keeper entered. He was hesitant to touch the stone, so I forced his head down onto it.

Battle broke out, but it was soon over. We fought until they surrendered, at which point we kept a keeper barely alive and let him lead us to the vault, where he opened it. Battle again broke out as we showed no mercy, as they had seen our face. We slaughtered everyone save a single keeper once more, and he revealed the scrolls, and a few other items of interest. Among them was a certain helm of unspeakable evil. It would capture the soul of anyone who is killed in its proximity, and capture them into gems forged onto it.

Argument broke out about the helm. I wished to destroy such an evil thing, as it would bring nothing but pain to this world. Daedrin had more other desires; he wished to bargain our debt with Argyle using the helm. Our argument turned hostile within moments, both of us too proud and stubborn to fall to the other. He made his try at diplomacy, but I could see through it. His next action included his hammer. It struck hard and true, nearly bringing me to my knees. Samson stepped in and tried to cease the unnecessary violence, but my anger flared and I immediately replied to his hammer with a whisper of my bow. Two arrows were released, of the strongest I had made to that day. Daedrin fell, unconscious, of that I am sure.

I woke up moments later, tied up and strapped with explosives. This did little to lessen my rage. I was strapped with a bomb, an outrageous act. I noticed burn marks on my armor, and looked to Fflam. He was eyeing me with brute determination.

The pack knew they would have to either destroy the helm or lie to me to soothe me. And thus I was betrayed once more. Samson led me to believe that he had destroyed the helm, and that it was no more. I knew he was lying, and I tried to conceal this little truth, as I would need to catch him off guard.

I kept silent about the helm, and we left the vault. I immediately left to find Buckbeak in the stables, and flew upward and out of the Underdark. The others managed to leave the Drow outpost, as I saw them emerge on the surface world sometime later.

We traveled silently, Daedrin taking off on Buckbeak towards an Inn further along the road towards The Old Capitol, where we would meet. Each night as we rested, Samson would set a trap on his alchemy kit, leaving me assured he still had the helm. I waited patiently, not wanting to risk setting the trap off. After many days of this game, we arrived at an inn along the path to The Old Capitol where we found Daedrin.

-Kelaonar Baenath



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