Once a small out of the way town, Waitangi was where the treaty that ended the war was writen and signed.

A Map of Waitangi

Population: 1,350; but that population expands to over 10,000 during the celebration of Waitangi Day.
The people of Waitangi are mostly in the business of attending to travelers or the world leaders that come through town.

Government: Waitangi is ruled by Lord Warden Faren Markelhay. He was in charge of the town’s justice, defense, laws, and commerce, but his real duty and attention where centered on the Waitangi Day celebration and year round fame and attention. As such Lord Warden appointed a town council to look after routine commerce and public projects. The Markelhay family has been in Waitangi since Humans entered Smallworld.

Defense: The Waitangi Guard numbers sixty Human warriors, who also serve as constables, and protect the safe streets within the walls. Their barracks is below Moonstone Keep. The outside defense of Waitangi has been taken over by Half-Orc. The Empire rarely uses only Half-Orc but Waitangi is an exception due to its iconic status of peace.


  • Nentir Inn – 5sp, notable for “interesting” clientele
  • Silver Unicorn – 2gp, exceptional service


  • Blue Moon Alehouse
  • Lucky Gnome Taphouse
  • Nentir Inn taproom


  • Houndstooth Traiding Co.
  • Halfmoon Trading House
  • Sandercot Provisioners.
  • Naerumar’s Cartography

Public Space

  • City Works
  • Waitangi Museum

Known Organizations

  • Houndstooth Trainding Co (Artifact trading)
  • Pathfinder Society (Adventure Co.)
  • House Ghallanda (Hospitality)
  • Markalhay Family (Ruling Family)
  • Septarchs (Church)


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