Days of Wonder

Travel to the past (march, 26)

Once the wolf pack stepped into the supposedly safe teleporting pad they ended up in an underground room in which there was a staircase up to a large set of doors, Deadrin being the boldest of the group simply walked up to the doors and pushed them open. The best course of action the group could think of was going to see argyle houndstooth so that they could return his arcanist and debrief, but when they arrived at his store front it was in fact not that same store although it was the same building, it was know called the _____ and it was a higher end pub. This turned the group’s world upside down and they decided to ask for the current date from some random townsfolk, and they found out that it was 150 years in the past, 10 years after the great war ended.

During this time Samsom was busy working away in his work shop when he noticed a note engraved in his desk which said something to the effect that his companions were in the past and needed to be rescued with the use of a secret door in the basement, and being a loyal member of the wolf pack Samson headed down there to rescue his friends. He woke up covered in blood and vomit having blacked out on the floor, and the room he was in was now filled with various machine parts and robotics. On his way out he stole a few pieces that could possibly improve jeeves and headed to the only place they had been meeting at regularly before, Argyle’s store.

Once they knew the situation, the most logical step was to go to the arcanist district and speak with the head arcanist, this however turned out to be a bad idea since it was the middle of the night. A street gang that camped outside of the tower every night was there and waiting when they arrived and they attempted to rob the group because they looked as though they had some magical items or at the very least a few gold coins. This group was very powerful and did some serious hurt to the wolf pack, but they ended up being defeated and their leader managed to escape through the chaos of the city streets. Though the group know knew his area in the city they could not decipher which alley way he went down and so they left and went back to the arcanist district to sleep for the night awaiting the doors of the tower to open in the morning.

Once the doors opened they enjoyed a meeting with Buralis in which he asked them to stick around for awhile in order to clear up the gang business that happens at night, as well as some information sharing that could help him in the future.



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