Days of Wonder

The Fire Brigade: Day One in Waitangi

The story so far...

(Written from Daedrins PoV, but as of right now I don’t feel like fully writing all dwarf like.)

Hah, all I can say, is that…that was one hell of a day. It all started when we were finally able to meet with this Argyle Houndstooth fellow, and he did agree to back us, but on one condition. He apparently has had some dealings with some “Fell Court”, a group of Tieflings after…well, honestly, the details are a bit fuzzy, it’s been a hell of a day, but he wants them dead, and that’s good enough for me.

He hinted that we may be able to find members of said group within the Silver Unicorn Inn, and we found several tieflings milling about, several of which weren;t touching their drinks. Without any clear plan on how to approach said individuals, Samson engaged in a drinking contest, and many nobles stepped up to the plate, foolishly. Drank em all under the table and came out richer for it, but these funds are set to be used for our cause. I was in no state to do any sort of sleuth work after the fact, but Kelaonar and Flam managed to track one of the tieflings from the bar, now nervous that everyone was drunk, and stumbling out, leaving the tieflings exposed in a thinning crowd. They found some sort of safe house, and to my understanding, gathered some information before having to kill him. They gathered all the relevant books and scrolls, and promptly started the first fire of the day, to keep our tracks covered.

From there, we poured over their notes and diaries, finding several safe houses and meeting locations. We split the party to scout a few locations out. Samson and I explored the abandoned watchtower on the river, and despite an ear shattering setback of a trap, managed to fully scout the locale. I don’t know what this Fell Court truly wants, but they had a damned Drake chained up in their basement. Foolish of them, because I intend to claim the beast for our own purposes.

Kelaonar and Flam got into even more trouble, getting spotted by one ugly son of a bitch while checking out a warehouse. Flam did his fade from view shtick, foolishly in plain sight of Mr. Uglyface, which caused him to flip his shit and call the guards. Flam escaped undetected into the warehouse, Kelaonar, well, he spent the day bounding across rooftops, before finally finding solace in the shittiest of drinking locations. Flam looted the Warehouse, then being the strange little creature that he is, decided to set fire to it.

We regrouped and found Kelaonar, and he filled us in about the details of his escape. Having one of our “agents” paraded in front of dozens of guards at such a critical staging point in our plans made my stomach tighten, and not because of how much I had had to drink earlier in the day. I formulated a plan that required relatively innocent bystanders pay the ultimate price for our own follies, but I will not let our operation fail this early. However, our coverup plan succeeded as far as I could tell, or at least bought us time. Time to gather up, and move our operations to the abandoned tower…




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