Days of Wonder


WE awoke to find Argyle’s Goliath on our home island. He greeted us with news of the Half-Orc’s arrival in Waitingi. They took over guard of the town as too many disturbances had been caused and the Markelhay’s would have no more embarrassments.

We made our way across the river to the dock. As we arrived, half-orcs made haste to seize our vessel and assure us that if we were to unsheathe our weapons in Waitingi, we’d be slain immediately.

After a short discussion, we visited the Sandercoot shop, in search of information about the River Rats. Upon entering the shop, we immediately began to question Sandercoot. Her son appeared moments later, likely curious what all the racket was about. Daedrin led the questioning, but grew weary of her dismissive answers. He charged forward at her, launched himself from the counter she stood behind and brought his fist with such force to her face that she fell onto the ground, barely conscious. Her son darted to the back, but within a mere moment was forced to the ground by an arrow.

Once both were tied, Fflam announced that we’d be waterboarding her for answers. No challenge was offered.

Fflam and Kel decided it’d be best to search the rest of the shop, as she had two sons un-accounted for. They climbed a ladder and ended up in a square room with four doors. Of the four, three were trapped. With a little arcana, Fflam discovered the West door was the only one not rigged, but the door changed often. They set into the room, only to discover there were a pack of dire-wolves guarding it.

—>Daedrin, on the main floor of the shop, decides he’d better bring the Sandercoots into a safer place, ie. the basement. He finds the ladder leading downward, and tosses them down. As he finishes, he hears cries from above and rushes up to lend an arm.

—>Kel and Fflam are caught off guard by the dire-wolves and are having a tough time getting through them. Once bloodied and weary, they decide it’d be best to leave the room. Daedrin arrives just in time to see them flee cowardly, closing the door to the dire-wolves.

The trio went back to the basement, where a secret passageway was discovered. It was a tiny thing, forcing anyone who would pass through it to crawl uncomfortably. With this thought in mind, and not knowing what lay on the other side, it was collapsed by Daedrin.

After healing was done and composure was gained, the trio ventured back to the upper floor, to face their challenge. They made their way to the top, opened the door, and fought a fierce battle. There were four wolves in all, three youngins and their mother. Needless to say, all four were pelted. We found what we were looking for on the desk in this room, maps of the River Rats’ operation, their plan, the firework caravan’s route.

Heading down to the basement once again, we sent Fflam to find our Half-Orc, assigned to us by Argyle, to help us with the situation at hand. We had discovered Sandercoot was the head of the River Rats, and as we couldn’t kill her nor burn her shop down, the Half-Orc and Argyle was our best option.

We left the Half-Orc to mend that situation, and headed to Argyle to inform him of our discoveries. We discussed all things, and parted with a portkey, which would allow us to teleport to our island from the mainland. The new task-at-hand: getting the portkey to our island.

-Kelaonar Baenath



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