Days of Wonder

Hidding in the Spot Lights

In this weeks adventures our heroes wasted no time, blood was spilled and chaos was caused. Firstly they moved from their camp in the forest to a bigger and better location, the location being a run down old tower on a small island in the middle of the river. From there deciding that they would need some protection a few of the party headed south to the docks to look for some “guns for hire” who would be willing to keep a look out all day and night against anyone who would attempt to gain access to the tower. While they were bargaining for a fair deal, our young gnome headed off into the fair grounds looking a little worse for ware with no explanation as to why. Our goblin companion decided his skills would be better served keeping watch for any Fell Court members who may have had a meeting at the manor that day, and so he waited patiently inside the guard house and kept watch for any tieflings that my try to gain entry.

After the dwarf and Drow found a few men as sentries, they noticed a house by the docks that had some very expensive and therefor out of place curtains. Instead of a normal reaction such as looking and knocking on the door, they waited until they could guess how many people were inside and then burst through the door with weapons drawn. This of course lead to a huge fight, ending with the death of 4 tieflings and no real information gained from the tieflings. luckily just before burning the entire building to its foundations, they spotted a secret panel in a closet that had a stairway leading down. What they found was a half dead dragon that was being infused with tiefling blood, it also may or may not have been pregnant. After they building was burned to ashes the dwarf headed back up north to see what progress the goblin had made, leaving the Drow to keep an eye for any tieflings that may run over to investigate the fire.

When the dwarf arrived he blew the goblin’s cover and they were both forced into going to the Silver Unicorn to watch from a window booth. The dwarf having no real patience to speak of got bored immediately and decided his time would be better spent setting up the new bought sentries and helping them guard for the day because at least there his weapon may get a chance to be used.
The gnome finally reappeared close to the Drow and he didn’t really go into detail as to where he had been all morning, but being pressed for time they decided they should head over and talk to Argyle Houndstooth to tell him about the 4 dead bodies. While waiting in line for him to finish some business with a costumer, a young woman from they fey noticed the gnome and started to tell her friend about him. Seeing this the gnome knew he could not let anyone know about him he instantly went invisible, sprinted beside her, shot liquid green fire all over her burning her to death within seconds, and teleported out of the building before anyone had a chance to react.

Now this did not sit well with the Drow seeing as how he was still in the building which now had a burning woman, and was being locked down by a dozen Houndstooth guards. After the chaos settled down the Drow was charged with the task of finding the gnome, which he did with no effort due to the gnome not hiding or trying to escape. They had a meeting with Houndstooth who decided he would let them live if they found a suitable replacement to blame for the fire, within 24 hours, and a person who was not from the same town. The eventual idea of the group was to track down a dragonmarked goblin, get him very drunk, and then use a crown that would make any lies told to him the truth. Of course the plan didn’t go smoothly, they ended up getting group of three gobilins to follow them to a bar. At a certain point the Drow decided the plan was a horrible idea and fled back to the tower to join the dwarf, what happened next was less than an ideal situation.

Once the goblins seemed to be sufficiently drunk, Samson lead them to the outskirts of the forest to attempt to kill two of them while leaving the third unconscious. But before he could get them in the forest he attempted to knock one down without the others noticing, which they did. Samson grabbed one around the neck with barbed wire, another started to run down the street but Samson caught him in the back with an acid bullet and he dropped to the ground. He finished the one in his hands by slicing through his neck with the wire and then tackled the final one who had gotten to his feet and attempted to run, he finally tied him up with barbed wire and then dragged him two blocks to the Houndstooth shop, leaving a massive trail of blood. All while this was happening the gnome was attempting to get past the shop guards by telling them his plan, and then understandably thinking it was a horrible idea would not let him pass. Eventually Houndstooth decided to talk with them and simply killed the goblin, told them that they could no longer burn buildings down, and if anyone came asking about the event he would do what he could, as his fate was now sealed to his own.

-Fflamddwyn Baugh



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