Days of Wonder

Assault on Markelhay Keep and the Ruination of Waitangi Day

(Written by Daedrin while resting at the Inn post-resurrection.)

This is a tale worthy of my forebears, one that I shall pass to my son’s sons, one of the proudest moments of my life.

It began as we unpacked the last of the fireworks. Kel came up with a brutally effective plan, one that will work to our advantage and achieve far more, with much less risk to ourselves. The catacombs we had taken up as our gateway from tower to town, happened to be located under a certain museum, one that held several artifacts of the original Waitangi Day, such as the quills of signing and the peace treaty itself.

The following day would see a massive parade of nobles from the town, and all over Smallworld, gather at this place amongst the civilians to retrieve these artifacts of peace. Kel’s plan involved turning all of the fireworks into explosives, and then igniting them right as the parade stops off at the museum. First, we would need to talk to Argyle, as this would destroy most of the town.

Argyle took the news better than I thought, his only request being we steal a certain enchanted chest from the Markelhay Castle. Surveying the maps, scaling the cliffs would be impossible for our group, especially to do it stealthily in the time frame we had left. Argyle presented us with a bold alternative, albeit a costly one. Parting with most of the funds I had left available to me, he procured a trio of Hippogriffs for us to directly assault the Castle from above.

The next few hours were tense, final preparations being made by all, while Samson setting to the task of making tools of enjoyment into tools of destruction. We met the hippogriff wranglers the next day, just as the parade began to start. As we took off, we had our captured drake, loaded with explosives and a lit fuse, ported into the catacombs, starting a chain of events that will go down in history. The timing could not have been better, as the nobles began to enter the museum, the ground shifted, then the most thunderous noise I have ever heard was heard, and the earth simply fell away, a landslide of rock, home, and person. The carnage and destruction was immense, plumes of dust obscured the entire town, that wasn’t buried under rubble, or a part of the rubble itself.

As we appraoched the castle, even the chaos taking place in the town failed to distract the vigilant guards, who began loosing arrows upon us, forcing us into the main courtyard. What followed was one of the most brutal skirmishes I have ever encountered. Outnumbered, the guards wasted no time in targeting our mounts. Mine fell to several thrown lances piercing it’s sides, but not before I managed to crash into onto the wall the archers had taken position on, allowing me to distract them while my allies, still in flight, could harass the other guards. Slowly their numbers dwindled, but they were bolstered by reinforcements. The battle was looking grim and as our second hippogriff fell, it became clear that we were not going to win through brute force. Our last hippogriff took a defensive and obstructed position out of the range of archers and lance throwers, while Fflam wreathed himself in shadow and took off into the keep to find the chest, whilst Samson, Kel and I held the line. I was sustaining heavy injuries, but refused to fall, not in my finest hour, not when we were so close to truly completing our goal. I would not shame my ancestors by failing now. Despite my grim resolve, eventually a darkness overtook me, and all I recall is a taste of fine ale upon my lips when I think back upon it. Oh, and the pain. There was a lot of that.

My companions managed to return me to the realm of the living, the events of which will be catalogued later, but as it has been told to me we were ultimately successful. Fflam managed to locate the chest, and from the mouths of my peers, pulled some heroic and insane things to get the chest out of Castle, mostly involving fire, and leaping out of a window with said chest, hoping for the best. The other members of the Wolf Pack managed to collect me and make a daring escape, though Samson’s little mechanical man Jeeves had to be left behind. Argyle received the chest in good order, though we never collected some bonus gold from the agreement he and I had worked out. He told us to meet him in “The Old Capitol” which after a few more days of rest in the inn and a rendezvous with the rest of the Wolf Pack, is our next destination.



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