Days of Wonder

A Recap of the last few months.


Since January the group has been busy, after re-connecting in the city and adding an Avenger to the party they had a meeting with Black Martin. He’s a freed slave who has spent is life freeing as many slaves as possible, and during our meeting he assigned us to attack a slave vender who’s business was only a few blocks away from the Avenger’s new home. The party went over to the establishment in the middle of the night and attempted to sneak into the second floor window, due to deadrin’s “talent” they ended up gaining the attention of the guard on duty and had a little fight, which involved lots of fire and a undead slaves being killed. From there they went down a floor and found the bedroom’s of the owner and his children, with a few harsh words and the owner losing a hand.. it was decided to simply kill him and light the building on fire ( a classic wolf pack move) and because of the group feeling a mild bit kind, they decided to keep the children alive (after dropping them from a second story window onto hard concrete).

The next day a warforged squad arrived on the scene asking questions as to who set the fire, they questions each member of the group at the house and now have been following the group around due to some suspicions they got from the interview. Because of this, Deadrin decided that the group had to get rid of the children in a way that didn’t directly lead to their death, and because of this Black martin suggested going to a goblin on the cliff side who sold trips on kits down to the bottom, Deadrin left some sort of note on the kids and sent them on their way pretty easily. Once that issue was cleared up, Black martin had another slaver that needed to be talked too, he was the bald dwarf who attempted to enslave Kelonar many months ago, thus it was almost a guarantee that he would be dealt with in the most brutal fashion.

The Avenger’s genius plan was to attempt to trick his way into the encampment with a prayer meeting, this was met with an obvious ambush that the group figured they could handle, they were sorely wrong. With poor tactics and an overwhelming force, the group was captured and carried off to meet the man they were sent to kill. they awoke in chains, poorly patched up by a medical slave, and being prepared for enslavement. Deadrin tried with all his strength to break the chain when he noticed a razor being prepared to shave his glorious beard, but sadly was unable to do so and then the entire room went into darkness. Kelonar used his cloud of darkness in order to buy some time, due to a twist of fate he broke out of his chains and was up and armed within seconds, in doing so the rest of the party was able to gather themselves up before the cloud subsided. After a few blows back and forth, the slaver was pinned down and the group had gained control of the camp, and because of Kelonar’s hatred plus the fact that they wanted to send a message, they hung him in the middle of meat gate with his intestines spilling out and escaped with over 40 slaves, which they returned back to Black martin so they could have a real life.

Once they were done helping out black martin, the avenger brought up the idea that they had to go down to the undercity in order to recover the ?oracary? for the church, thus giving the church back its power within the city and getting religion back to the people. They found out taht in order to achieve this goal they had to gain access through the undercity guards (I forget the name buts I’m calling them the men of the black) After a quick meeting with the men of the black they were told that they would have to leave some precious items behind, such as Deadrin’s beard rings.. he was not ok with that and decided to leave. After several serious conversations the group finally went back to the men of the black, and challenged them to a duel in order to gain their respect and thus gain access to the undercity. The battle was a capture the flag type of sport where each group started on separate sides of some ruins, and then had to get to the other side and break open a locked box, once opened they had to take it back to their side. The duel was fairly even and the men of the black kept on guard on watch over the box while two of them rushed towards the wolf pack, the wolf pack split into 2 directions having Kelonar focus his attention on the box while the others tried to block off the path to their box. Deadrin and Kal-el formed a wall and were able to defeat their foes with ease while at the same time kelonar scared off the guard and broke into the box just before the other team opened theirs. Because of this, and because they didn’t end up killing their enemies, they gained some respect from the men of the black and we’re allowed to access the undercity without leaving behind their valuables.

Before they headed down, they took a quick look for a rune priest in order for them to have some warding against the dark forces within the undercity, and as luck would have it they found a priest named Casandra would was dealing out a few beatings in the _____ district. Kal-el used some divine power in order to convince her that she should join them, and after a few negotiations and words they headed through the entrance and started their dangerous walk down into the depths. They were met with some serious threats, a few weird biting creatures that liked to surround the group and attempt to infect their legs, and a bunch of huge spiders that were terrifyingly powerful. The group found a small cove off to the side and decided to attempt to set up a small camp there, this turned out to be a pretty bad idea when a squad of lizard men stumbled onto their camp and arrested Kal-el and Cassandra and brought them back into their city, leaving Deadrin and Kelonar alone. During the meeting that Kal-el and Cassandra were having, they met a Dragonborn which before then had only been a rumor to the group, and Cassandra ended up being killed and thrown into a pit. At the same time a squad of lizard men were sent to “take care” of Deadrin and Kelonar, this battle was brutal and the 2 ended up scaring one of their attackers away and chased after him, though what they didn’t know was he was running back to their military camp and once again the group dealt with an ambush. The battle was huge, around 15 lizard men tried their best to defeat the wolf pack, and they even tried to flood the room to give them a tactical advantage, but they were un successful and the pack survived another day. Though in the chaos the Dragonborn “leader” used some sort of teleport during the end of the battle and escaped into thin air, and so the pack decided to make their way out.. which turned out to be less easy than previously thought.

They followed some paths through the cavern and heard the sound of a woman in battle, they followed the sound into a big room with a black dragon skull, she was a monk fighting with her bare hands against these metal creatures, and the pack figured they should do what they could to help. Over the course of the fight, Kal-el’s weapon was rusted by the monsters making it less than helpful, and unfortunately Deadrin’s chain-mail armor was eaten. Once they cleared up the remaining threats, the monk agreed to help them get back to safety, and when they were almost at the exit they ran into a lizard patrol who didn’t like the idea of the pack leaving, and so once again they were forced into killing a few more lizards. From there they found a door of sorts with a bunch of runes, and through Deadrin’s knowledge of runes that he learned from his son and Kal-el’s mighty wisdom they ended up breaking the seal after a few hours and attempted to gain access, however, it was not as easy as previously thought and actually turned out to be a “men of the black’s” guard posts to keep out the undercity creatures from entering back into the city. After a tense conversation and a lot of sweat, the men allowed the pack safe passage though and back up into they’re barracks.



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